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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The reasons...

As a young couple I constantly get asked why are you getting married so young? It's not a hard question to answer really, but I have noticed that each time I get asked why my answer is always different. I know, this seems inconsistant and most people think that there is just one right answer, but there isn't.

I'm not the easiest person to talk to, at times I'm emotional, I get stressed, and I'm the first person to admit that I have faults and am far from perfect. The thing is, none of that matters to him. The past week has been very difficult for me, planning a wedding is hard and when you don't have time for yourself the world feels as if it is about to destruct. Crying apparently has been on my to do list everyday this week. By now I don't understand how he still wants to marry me. Between my nagging about calling someone or another, random fits of sadness, and other things of that nature I don't know how he stand me. I feel like I should apply for Bridezillas.

Today, I realized that this is why I'm getting married so young. In a world full of guys who just don't get it, he understands. He understands that when I'm sad it is not the time to joke because I won't take well to it. He knows that I hate my hands being wet so he does the dishes. He realizes that my make up runs when I cry and still calls me beautiful. Here it is courtesy of Skype:

Joshua Lund: i love you so much
Joshua Lund: even when you're sad
Joshua Lund: and upset
Joshua Lund: and especially like that
Joshua Lund: seriously
Joshua Lund: some of the times when you think you're "ugly" are when i find you the most beautiful

While I bawled my eyes out about how much I missed being with him telling him how miserable being apart was for me and makeup ran down my cheeks he wrote this. So people can question as much as they so please, but when you know, you know. It's simple really he understands who I am and appreciates it even when who I am is at its worst.

Marriage is about the vows and commitments you make from the beginning, and so often those things get shoved to the side to make room for more 'important' things to pass by. I have watched too many marriages fail because they lost sight of those small yet significant promises that they made to each other. We both know that the important things in life aren't necessarily the easiest, but in the end it will all be worth it.

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