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Thursday, June 9, 2011

One more sleep and a Canadian postal strike.

The title is weird I know, but in one very long day I will be picking Josh up from the Las Vegas McCarran Airport to spend five days with him. Skype dates are no longer cutting it. You would think that after the internet being availble to people for the last fifteen years that they would work out the kinks with built in microphones, but after two weeks of this I know that it is not the case. After hours on end of web cameras conversations with no sound at times, and resorting to typing in the box at the bottom of the screen the day is finally here.

And yes, sometimes we resorted to sign language, small problem, this is the only word that either of us know.

Yes it has been hard, and at times annoying to see someone but not have them there in person. We try as hard as possible to make the bes out of a hard situation but at the same time  with each passing day it gets harder. I'll attend a venue with my maid of honor whom is the biggest help ever, but I can't ask josh about his input. He loves food and there I was sitting without him choosing sliders that I know he would care about way more than I did.

The dress is purchased, the veil is purchased, the rings are purchased. All that is left to do now is finalize everything. It's the little details that make a wedding. The flowers, the favors, the invites etc and to know that I have to decide without him is really hard and I just hope that things come together. 69 days until we are married, that is one day shy of ten weeks, and I feel like there is so many things that are left with loose ends. It is stressful to not have the other half of your wedding there to tell you yes or no on the important things. I know, guys usually don't care right?

These next five days are going to be necessary, jam packed, and will probably fly by too quickly, but all work it in the end. We are used to waiting. We have waited for years for this day to come and as it quickly approaches we know that the wait will be worth it. 200 invitations, a wedding party of 12, 2 rings, and one lovely lace dress later the reality is starting to hit.

We take our engagements on Monday which is one of the pictures that are going on our invitations to find out that the post offices are not sending mail within Canada, go figure. Don't they know that I am trying to have a wedding? I'm not sure how I am going to send invitations to Canada if the mail isn't going anywhere. Just another thing for me to stress about. Josh being here will be a good thing. Five days of no stress, no homework, just much needed relaxation.

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  1. i LOVE reading this... a real life fairytale! You two are amazing & things will work out the way they are supposed to!