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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wayne County?

People always exagerate and say they live in the middle of nowhere. Guess what folks? You don't know where the middle of nowhere is until you drive to Wayne County, Utah. Three and a half hours, one tank of gas, and a million deers later, but I wouldn't trade if for the world. Josh and I really had a blast. We love being outdoors and experiencing new things, so this was a great experience to see what Utah really is all about.

People underestimate Utah quite a bit. Yes, there are a lot of Mormon's. Yes, it does get really, really, really hot. Yes, it also gets really, really, really, cold too. And yes, there is a lot of red rock, but in the moments where I am completely surrounded by nature with not a gas station, or Subway in sight I remember just why I love it so much.

Josh, Logan, Natasha (Logan's wife), and myself left Friday night and headed for the Rees's House. The Rees's are a couple that Josh and Logan knew when they were on their mission. I was just meeting them for the first time. They really are great people. They fed us amazing food and let us take over their hour for four days while we went adventuring, 'squatch' hunting, and giant mouse catching. Josh and I aren't able to get out much, but this trip was totally worth the drive. It's nice to get out and have fun with good friends every once in a while.

Getting ready to hike.

Logan and Josh (soul mates)

Natral Bridges, Capitol Reef

Josh being...Josh

Us at the top of the hike.