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Monday, June 3, 2013

Change is good, right?

So there is going to be a little change to what I am blogging about. I've been thinking a lot and who really reads a blog about someone's life... no one. I put things into cyber space for nobody to read. Originally I started this blog to keep in touch with family who are far away, and that is something I still want to do. So I have decided to create new blog, something where I can really express my interests and passions. This is not the place to do that.

As our family beings to grow and change I will continue posting here, but for me this just isn't enough. I have a passion for writing and lets face it Josh and I just aren't interesting enough to write about everyday. Life is happening all around us so I have decided I'm going to write about the things I love, the things I hate, and everything in between. Since this is so broad and I could be writing all day every day I have decided my loves and hates are going to be limited to wedding and event trends.

Why weddings and events? Well, everyone loves a good party, and I am no exception. I love getting a group of people together to celebrate something happy. I guess you could say that my brother-in-laws wedding really has inspired me to break away from the norm and do something I really enjoy. For the first time I have no idea where this is going to go. I guess you could say that this is the no plan-plan which is so not like me. Every day is a new day and every post is going to be about something different.

Keeping you posted...