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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yesterday was Josh's 23 birthday, and for some strange reason he did not want to celebrate. I was not going to have that so last minute I decided to get a bunch of friends together and head to the greatest restaurant in Cedar City... Chili's. Yep that's right Cedar City has nothing! Together with our great friends we got to celebrate Josh getting one year older.

It was really nice to have some time with the people that we think are special. They really are like our second family. This weekend we will be celebrating with some other friends in Wayne County in the middle of nowhere, but we are both really looking forward to spending time with good friends that we con't get to see often. I really am so thankful to have a wonderful second family while ours are so far away.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bras are like friends

Good friends are like bras, always there to support you when you're low. )Great knowledge from a WalMart coffee mug.) Over the last few weeks I really have learned this first hand. Bras come in all different sizes and shapes and materials, but you have to find the style that you like most. Over time some bra wear out and you don't use them any more. Some morph from washing them too often so you throw them away. Others break because they were low quality. Some last forever, you wear them every day and you can't ever go wrong with them.