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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beating the Odds

After four days and four nights, he's back in Canada again. Sad, I know, but they were the best four days that I have had in a month. How can that be you ask? I just spent 23 days in Europe, but when you love someone, missing them puts a damper on everything that you do. I missed him like crazy, and to have those four days was just what I needed to put a little pep in my step. It was a crazy weekend full of both business and fun. A day at the pool, a sunset hike, church, some time with my second family, our super cute engagement photos (They will be up here soon) and much driving, but it was all worth it.
Sunday June 12, 2011

We always have the best time together, it doesn't matter what we are doing or where we are as long as we're together we have a good time. Love really is all you need.  When you love someone and you know that you are going to spend the rest of your life (and eternity) with that person that is really what it comes down to. There are going to be times where Josh and I struggle we're young, and new at this, and we know that, but no matter what comes our way we are going to be fine because we have such an immense amount of love in our lives.

I was looking through out engagement proofs and it was amazing to look at the photos, it is the first of many family portraits to come, but these are the pictures that are going to be hanging on the walls of our new home, and the memories that we will have to show our kids some day how we looked at 20 and 22. I'm sure that they will make fun of our hair and clothes, and we will reply "that was the style" just like our parents have when we looked at old photos of them. There is one thing that is undeniable in the pictures where we are looking into each others eyes it that we love each other. After two years of long distance, the idea of forever is an amazing thought. In case anyone was wondering (56 days until we are married) but I'm probably the only one that is counting. It was nice to have him home, to be able to talk to him in person, and hug him.

Saying goodbye was hard and happened all too quickly. I manage to get into the car before breaking down and he got a bloody nose, but we both know that we will se each other in in 31 days (another countdown for everyone to keep track of). The distance is hard, but we both have no doubt that we will make it. We know the odds are against us, we have proved wrong before and will prove them wrong again. I say bring it on.

Here's to the next 31 days of Skype dates, phone calls and emails until I am in Canada to see my soon to be family. It's nice to think that I'm not just getting a husband but another Mom, Dad, sister and brother to bond with. It will be nice to have the chance to spend more time with them. The world is changing for all of us. God's plan is being layed out before me and it is time to take a stroll down and see what it has to offer the both of us.

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