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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Little Things

They say that life is about the little things. Those small acts of kindness that mean the world to someone. This post is NOT about those types of little things. When it comes to a weddng the little things are what makes your day. It was easy picking our colors, Josh wanted to wear a gray suit instead of a chocolate brown one, so plum, sage, pewter, and cream it was. We needed a venue that was near to the temple, accommodated ring ceremonies, and was outdoors so we picked Millcreek Inn. After trying on 6 dresses I had found "the one" and rings were a piece of cake. So what is left? Everything!

The last few days have been all about the details. Registry cards, directions for guests, labels and putting it all together. With Canada on a mail strike this has become much more difficult than putting them in the mail and sending them of they now must be sent to Montana to be picked up, then hand delivered to family and friends up there.  Nothing with us is ever easy, but they are now finished.

That is not the extent of the details, finding an officiant, choosing types of flowers, fittings for dresses (that's right they don't come in the perfect size), on tope of so many other things. If you guys know me at all, I'm a perfectionist, I think that is one of the flaws that comes along with being an English Major. When it comes to a project, it is all or nothing, and this is supposed to be the most important day of your life right? The pressure is on.

I get really nervous thinking about the possibility of forgetting things. There is really so much that goes into a wedding that you don't even think about. I don't want to be a bride who gets lost in the idea of a wedding and forgets about the marriage.

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