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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mr. and Mrs.

Josh and Kasi July 23, 2011
Calgary Open House
McKenzie Lake Boat House
After a ten day adventure I am finally back in the states. Actually I have been back for almost a week now, but my time spent there was too short in fact my flight got delayed so much I had to stay another night. Let's just say I was not complaining. I love spending time with my new family. I got to meet tons of new people and spend time time preparing for a lovely open house Josh's mom put together for us. It was great to meet people Josh had grown up with and finally introduce myself to relatives I had only heard stories about.

The Lunds: Josh, Kasi, Pam, Jonathan, Ryan Holly 

I really do have a great appreciation for families as strong as this one. They support and love each other with everything they have and even when times are stressful like planning a wedding they are always there when someone needs them. I am so thankful to be marrying into a family I know that I can count on to help whenever I need them. Pam put so much effort into this day and I couldn't thank her enough for doing this for us.

Grandma and Grandpa Lund

The morning of our open house Josh's grandma took us to get our temple clothes, a tradition she does with all her grandchildren. Aside from being very overwhelmed with all I needed to get I was greatful for her to be there with us and love to think that each and every time I enter the temple I will be reminded of our wedding day by wearing the dress I am getting married in. Grandma and Grandpa Lund really are the most generous people I have ever met. They even had a dinner Sunday night so I could get to know that side of the family better. The food was amazing and I'm sad to say I didn't win at Crib, but I'm working on it. One day I will beat Grandpa Lund.

Grandpa Cameron

I also had the opportunity to meet Grandpa Cameron for the first time. He really is an inspiration to relationships every where. He met his wife and it was love at first sight, they were engaged 5 days later and then married for 60 years. They really did have true love and I can only hope Josh and I have a marriage like theirs.

Calgary Stampede 2011

On top of all the things that we did during the open house we got to spend a lot of time together and get a real taste of what marriage is like. I loved being there everyday when he got off work and snuggling before bed. I had my first Calgary Stampede experience which consisted of mini donuts which are definitly not good for you but taste so delicious, walking around, Katy Perry look-a-likes,watching the chuck wagon races and a train ride. I wasn't feeling wonderful but I had a great time experiencing the culture if you can call it that.

Banff July 20, 2011

We also took a day trip up to Banff which is about and hour and a half away from where Josh lives. It was absolutely beautiful and we have decided that we are going to make it a tradition to go every year while we visit his family.

I can't believe in a few days Josh will be here. This is the shortest time he and I have spent apart in our entire relationship. Only 10 more days until we are Mr and Mrs Lund.
And the waiting game begins...

McKenzie Lake 2011

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