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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Answering prayers

So several posts befor this one I was complaining about Canada being on a postal strike. I mean really guys there are some things that you just can't do. There should always be an emergency room doctor at the hospital, Delta Airlines should always have a pilot for your flight, and well mail carrier should always transport their mail. Hello Canada, people really love getting bills! Needless to say I was stressing, but what else is new? I had no idea how Josh was going to get all 140 invitations to 120 Canadians who were not getting mail. Guess what? God answered my prayers and the postal strike is over!

Just in time, I recieved all 200 invites on the 24th, Josh's mom picked them up in Montana on 1st and what do you know the mail strike ended on the 4th. Coinsidence I think not.

When you are planning a wedding you want everything to be perfect. As much as this is your day and about the two of you, your guests should enjoy it too and a few weeks ago with the strike I wasn't sure that we were going to have any guests because no one would have their invites. So I prayed that everything would work out and sometimes I thought that it just wasn't going to happen, but God doesn't work on my time (if you don't know me I like immediate satisfaction) He works on his time. They say that children teach you patience, well guess what, weddings prepare you for husbands which in turn prepare you for children.

I am so thankful each day that God has the ability to teach me something new each and every day. Behind every stressful moment there is a moment of enlightenment.

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