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Thursday, July 14, 2011

86400 seconds

Josh and I try our best to talk as much as possible while we are apart and sometimes that means until 2 a.m. on a weekday when he has to wake up for work four hours later. It gets hard sometimes and I'll admit we the distance really takes a tole on the both of us. We knew that being a country apart would be hard, but nothing like this. When you are in love with someone all you want is to be with that person and to not have the option to jump in your car and see them whenever you please. In a short 24 hours I will be in Canada and getting to spend 9 days with the love of my life.

If I have learned anything from being apart it is no matter how hard things get we will never go to bed angry. We may fight or become frustrated, but to fall asleep knowing that person is mad has never been an option for either of us. I highly recommend all couples to take my advice when I say this. You never know what might happen to that person and you never want your last converstation to be a bad one.

I fall in love with him each time we get over a new trial. Our journey has been a hard one, but with each new struggle something good comes from it, and we become stronger. At the end of the night we have the same goal, to help each other and keep pushing through to the next day. He never said that it would be easy, He just said it would be worth it. I know the future will be hard as we start on our new lives as a married couple, but I have no doubt that the things we come across are going to continue to make us stronger. I hope he knows no matter what crosses our path I will always love him.

See you in 86400 seconds.

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