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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bon Voyage...

My trip to Europe has come to an end. 23 days was more than enough. I got to see the things that I wanted to see and still have a little time to make new friends. I had a blast and so many of my dreams came true on this trip. Europe is like no other country, it is full of life, new and old. Everything has a story behind it, everything has a history. To sum it all up it was the great ending to my first chapter in life.

For me I guess that Europe was my transition period, from my single life to the beginning of my married life. In a way it was my 'one last hoorah' before I start a new chapter with Josh. I learned a great deal on this trip. At times it was stressful but all in all I couldnt have asked for it to come at a better time in my life.

I got to see the Eiffel Tower one of the things I have always dreamed of doing. I ate crepes in front of Notre Dame, paninis on the Champs de Mars, toured Versailles. I had fish and chips and The Red Lion, toured Oxford, got lost and almost ended up in the London Zoo, and was stalked on multiple occasions by strange looking European men. These times were all unforgetable.

As hard as it was to tear myself away from the normalacy of real life it was nice to get out of the tiny town to see that there is a whole world out there to discover. I learned that to choose not to experience things outside your comfort zone would be a waste of life. There is so much to see outside of the tiny bubble that we call home.

Bonjour my new life.

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