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Friday, May 20, 2011

Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.

I'm not sure who said this but it was someone who is probably dead by now and extremely smart. Being in Europe has been an amazing experience for me. To have the opportunity to see London, Bath, Stonehenge, Edinburgh and everywhere between has been more than I can ever have asked for. It came at a difficult time for both Josh and I. To get engaged two days prior to me leaving for this trip and him leaving to go to Canada was hard, but we have made it through 15 days and there are only 8 more to go.

I admit I have cried and laughed, but through emails and instant messaging the downhill slope seems like nothing. Thank goodness for the bridge that technology has made in our lives. We started out two and half years ago writing letters who knew that would lead to emails about our wedding. Josh said something the other day that made me realize just how powerful God is in our lives.

When he and I first met it was under complicated circumstances, but he couldn't have said it better. ''If we were to had made one different choice in life then we wouldn't have ended up together.'' I strongly believe in this statement. My opportunities to go to school and his choice to go on a mission was one that we both contemplated about and because we took a chance and listened to our promptings we ended up together.

Right now the distance is something that we have grown familiar with. 23 days is nothing when I look back on it. Since he can't work while he is in school summer is the only time he can make up time that he loses during the school year making me realize that marriage is about sacrifices. We know it will be hard and the odds are against us, but we have proved people wrong over and over. Why stop now?

Each day spent apart has made me value the time that we have spent together in the past as well as feel the excitement about being together again. I have gotten to share with him the great times that I have had here seeing all of the historical sights and taking in this once in a lifetime experience. Each time I eat something delicious I think how much he would love this considering he is constantly eating.

I leave for Paris on the 24th of May to fullfill my all time dream of seeing the Eiffle Tower only to head back home on the 29th to marry the man of my dreams. The spirit works in amazing ways.

Me and Maddy in front of Buckingham Palace!

From London with Love...


  1. My mom always tells me about a time while her and my dad were engaged. She went to Germany with her parents to pick up her brother from his mission. She got a call from my dad one day, and he was sitting in a closet crying because he missed her so much. Your post made me think of that...haha

  2. I'm sooo happy you got to go to Europe!!! I loved being able to travel to other countries while being single! It's a totally amazing experience! It will be even more fun for you to travel with your future hubby! So jealous that you are in Europe right now! I hope you share more about your time there... :) Great photo! It makes wish I could go back to Europe right now! :)