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Sunday, May 22, 2011

For Egle...

Yesterday a relative of mine from Lithuania told me she wanted the story of how Josh and I met on our blog which I have noticed is really a blog about our life and I highly doubt that he will ever write on this without a push to do so, but I'm fir with that. It is a long story to be honest, one that may get some eyebrow raises, and slight confusion but here it goes.

When I moved to college I has been attending the LDS church for about a year, a few months after being here I had decided that it was time that I were to be baptized. The accumulation of investigating the church, making great friends, and figuring out who I was all lead me to feel as that was the right place for me. So on November 15, 2008 I was baptized into the faith. At that same time Josh was on his mission in the Utah Provo South area and eventually ended up in the Southern Utah University Stake whish was where I was going to school.

As many of you know after someone is baptized they are encouraged to take new member lessions to help with their knowlege of the gospel. Who knew that these lession were going to end up being the beginning of the rest of my life. Sue to the holiday I wasn't able to start my lessions until after the Christmas break was over because I had gone home to see my mom. I was disappointed to find out that one of the missionaries, Elder Tolentino, was transfered out of the area and was being replaced. I realized through my three sets of missionary lessions that sometimes finding the two missionaries that understand you makes the world of difference.

Several days after getting back from vacation, I had left my house to go for a fun something that I only do when heavily prompted by a higher power only to come pack to a pair of name tags waiting outside my door. One I had known, the other unfamiliar. This is the first time I met Josh. I always thought he was cute but I know better than to think that anything would have ever came about with him being on a mission. Per usual the missionaries frequented my house making sure that I was alright, or if I needed anything. It wasn't strange for them to be there on days where they weren't teaching me. Utah is a state full of LDS people and sometimes it was hard to find people who are interested in the church since many of them are already a part of it. The missionaries and I became friends and they were also a big support after being baptized.

After six months of Josh being in Cedar he was transfered to Spanish Fork about three hours north of where I lived. Like a lot of missionaries Josh carried a journal with him that he had people write in before he left his area. Being an 18 year old girl I took advantage of this opportunity. I knew that I wasn't supposed to so I wrote an appropriate letter to him in his journal and slipped one that was more truthful in seperately. I knew that we flirted on occasion, after all he is still a guy regardless of if he was a missionary but it was harmless. My feelings over time made me realize that I would regret not telling him, and honestly I never expected anything in return. I had held back many things because I knew that he was doing the Lord's work.

The day before he left I was given a note and told to read it after he was gone, of course that didn't happen. The feelings were mutual. He had asked to leave the area because he was worried that more feelings would develop the longer that he was in Cedar, only to find out that he would have been there one more transfer. I gained a lot of respect for him that day, it would have been easy to stay, but he knew that it was better to leave and finish what he started. Since he was honest his mission president gave him permission to write me. For the next year Josh and I wrote letters back and forth to stay in communication with each other. At times My letters got few and far between, but neither one of us lost feelings for the other.

This leads us to today...

Kasi and Josh, 2009


  1. You really wrote the story and even to me!!!!! :) That is so sweet. So how long did you have to be apart until he finished his mission? And what brought you to the LDS church? I didn't think that anyone in your family was religious. But I do have a close friend who is like you followed the God's calling although no one in her family went to church ever. She just turned 21 today and you both are strong and independent from the early age. And she just lost her mom even though it was long coming. So I am glad that she has God in her heart because I know no matter how hard it is she has someone to turn to. Perhaps that helps you in life too. But now you also have Josh! I am usually skeptical about young people getting married but somehow I think you two will be alright. As you said, it is a beginning of your life! Enjoy! :) Egle. P.S. I don't know why it says my name is Ellie!!! LOL.

  2. Oh I just realized... Ellie is my pseudonym on many websites. Apparently I had a blog too but I forgot!