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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Give Me Your Forever

As wedding plans start and the day gets closer, nerves mount. I think about all the support that we have as we embark on this new life. I really feel like I am a million miles away and I know we couldn't do it without the support of all of our family and friends. There have been times where both of us thought that we would never make it to where we are now, but we did. Two and a half years of trying and failing, waiting and wishing all leading to this moment. With guidence everything has worked out in ways we both never could have imagined.

We don't know where we are heading, but we know that we are doing so together. I was told the day before yesterday by a man on our tour bus that the odds are against me but it's possible. He and his wife were in England celebrating their thirty fifth wedding anniversary. They got married when they were twenty. I know that sometimes marriage seems as if it is expendable because getting divorced is so easy which is why I love the idea of being sealed in the temple.

Josh and I have been through many trials together but the ups and downs have made us grow together as one, and as long as we are growing together through God. I was going some reading and found how the marriage triangle is something that strengthens a relationship as long as you keep God the top priority. It sounds simple really, but sometimes things get lost in the hustle of everyday life. To josh and I it has been a realization that sometimes the things that you want aren't necessarily the things that you need to be happy. Value the small things that are important in life and never take for granted those who love and support you.

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  1. Very Well Written and wise!!! I AM SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I think it's going to look like I can make it to your wedding if I am still invited? :)
    Let me know if you need any help with anything I might be able to do.. I can put together good photos invites if you are on a budget. :) Email me...