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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One year later

People say the first year is the hardest, and if any part of that is true, then the years to come are going to be great. I don't mean to sound like everyday was flowers and rainbows, but overall we really did have a great year. We laughed, we cried (okay... mostly I cried), we fought, we made up, and we laughed some more. 

For our anniversary we spent the weekend in Banff National Park. It is a very touristy area with a lot of cute shops and great outdoor spaces. We did a lot of walking through the Cascade Gardens. The hills of flowers seemed to be endless as we walked through them. Taking a break near a small waterfall to talk and recap the year.

Times like this are surreal. It seems like yesterday we were in the Salt Lake Temple getting married, and here we are one year later. For dinner we went to the Grizzly House which was amazing. It was a fondue restaurant where you order a 4 course mean of your choice: soup/salad, cheese fondue course, meat course, and dessert. For the main course you cook on a hot rock that is at a temp of 630 degrees. The real treat was the dessert, melted Toblerone with fruit and wafers. The restaurant used to be a swingers club so at each table there was a phone where you could call other tables. The experience made the prices well worth it.

The next day we went to the Bow Falls. This areas is very special to me. One year ago this Josh and I headed up to this area. It was about a week before we got married. That day we decided that we would make this a tradition. It was the first time that summer where we really got time to spend alone without the stress of a wedding and being apart all summer.



This is the first tradition we ever had together. Here are to many more to come.

The top tier of our wedding cake was actually pretty good one year later.

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